Teach Treats: Cultivate Fair Discussions by Incorporating Active Learning into High Enrollment Classes


As an instructor, how do you know if what you are doing in the classroom is working? In other words, how do you know if your teaching methods are effective in equitably engaging your students and supporting them in achieving the learning objectives of your course? Join your colleagues and CATE facilitators in a workshop of our new Teaching Tidbit series this fall, which are 90-minute interactive online sessions aimed at giving you insight, resources and strategies you can implement into your course on various teaching subjects.

In this workshop, we will explore ways to integrate active learning into your face-to-face and online lessons. Research studies have shown that students in courses dominated by lectures are 1.5 times more likely to fail than students in classes using active learning. In addition, active learning can stimulate performance gains for historically underserved students, especially in high enrollment courses characterized by high achievement gaps. In this online workshop, we will explore some of the literature demonstrating the benefits of this student engagement strategy, then work through examples of evidence-based teaching techniques that you and your technical assistants can easily bring to bear. works in your classroom to create a more inclusive and engaging learning environment. .

For more information and to register for the workshop, please see the links below. We offer the workshop twice, so choose the one that best fits your schedule.

Cultivate fair discussions by integrating active learning into high enrollment courses

For any questions about the Teaching Tidbits workshops or any other educational support, contact the staff of the Center for the Advancement of Teaching Excellence (CATE) at [email protected]

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