Quick Notes on the Senate Staff Meeting

Staff Senate meeting quick notes for the March 10, 2022 meeting:

Kelsey Harelson, college recess

  • Member Services offers promotion to staff and faculty. To verify Arkansas News for links.
  • In April, UREC will offer pro-rated memberships to staff members.
  • The new tennis center will open on March 30. It is located behind Chick-fil-A on MLK. Day passes will be available for $15.

Shelly McNally and Donna Graham, Jean Tyson Development Center
Child Care Assistance Exploration Committee Report

  • Models are being considered to see if changes can be made to meet the demand for on-campus child care.
  • Jean Tyson is currently experiencing a major staff shortage.
  • Since it is a state-licensed institution, staff-to-student ratios are held to a state standard.
  • It is a laboratory-based and nationally accredited school.
  • In summary, what are the main barriers to welcoming all staff/faculty children?
  1. The waiting list is very long.
  2. Reports.
  3. They only have 12 class places.
  4. Staffing capacity.

Debbie McLoud, HR Updates

  • The pay frequency transition has been moved to June.
  • The last monthly pay will be May 31. The HR website has resources to prepare for change.
  • Postcards will be sent home.
  • Performance reviews are due March 31.
  • The 2021 Employee Awards Luncheons are taking place this week.
  • There are several new faces in the HR office. Stop by and say hello!
  • Filing vacancies is a recurring problem.

Gary Smith, Transit and Parking

  • Lot 71 will be closed March 31 for a groundbreaking ceremony.
  • The final closure of lot 71 is still under discussion.
  • Scooters and motorcycles will switch to the license plate recognition system.
  • Lot 68 has reopened but will soon be closed for paving.
  • Some parking lots for scooters (173) are converted into parking lots for cars.
  • There will be a crane in lots 48 and 49 during spring break.
  • After spring break, changes will be made to bus routes.
  • Parking lot security is being discussed with University Police.

Denise Bignar, Elections Committee

  • We need 34 senators in total. 14 have expiring terms and 20 will remain in the Senate.

Emma Le Davis, EOQ

  • The Employee of the Quarter winners were announced in Arkansas News.
  • Nominations are open for Q3; the deadline is April 15.

Matthew Meyers, Legislative Committee

  • We’ll keep everyone updated on what’s going on in Little Rock.
  • Midterm elections reference guide can be found here.

Amy Shell, Child Care Assistance Exploration Committee

  • The interest across the university is huge.
  • Wait a week for Dean McCabe to present this to HR and Faculty Senate. We will then send you a survey.
  • 90% of Jean Tyson’s children belong to staff and teachers.
  • Peer institutions are surveyed for best practices.
  • Several solutions are being discussed, including staggered tuition and a reduced staff rate.

Chancellor Search Update

  • Charge of President Bobbitt.
  • Meeting with ASG and a group of graduate students.
  • What do campus staff expect from the new chancellor? There is a town hall scheduled for March 31 at 10 a.m. via Teams.

Presidents report

  • Officers continue to meet with Acting Chancellor Charles Robinson on a monthly basis.
  • There is no additional information regarding increases.
  • Work is underway on the flexible/remote work policy at a rapid pace. They hope to present recommendations by May 1 and begin implementation by July 1.

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