President Biden signs landmark climate bill that builds a stronger America

Statement from EDF Chairman Fred Krupp – August 16, 2022

August 16, 2022

Matthieu Tresaugue, 713-392-7888, [email protected]

“With President Biden signing on to this landmark climate and clean energy law, 2022 is the year we pivot to a brighter future. By cutting costs, creating millions of jobs, and finally taking climate change seriously, we’re building a stronger, healthier, and more prosperous America.

“This new law gives us the opportunity to take bold steps to reshape our economy and our future. If we seize this opportunity, the impact of this moment will be considerable. This action signifies a genuine U.S. commitment to our ambitious climate goals while encouraging even greater global commitments to stabilize the climate. Federal investments in key climate programs can unlock 10 times private investment because power companies and other businesses will know that America is transitioning to a clean energy economy. Automakers can accelerate their transition to clean vehicles. The EPA — with the modernized and expanded authority of Congress — can do even more to protect families and communities from air pollution and climate change. And people across the country, especially the next generation, can continue to create climate solutions knowing that they are not alone in this situation.

“There is of course a lot more to do. Perhaps most importantly, we must ensure that this new law is enforced with an emphasis on fairness. The significant investments in environmental justice in the bill are great news, but it should only be the beginning. The law must be implemented to ensure that investments actually go to communities that have suffered far too much environmental damage.

“The landmark law was made possible because people — young and old, from all walks of life — helped Congress understand that the status quo was unacceptable. High energy prices, fires and floods, and the chaos of an economy tied to global oil markets had a direct impact on American families. The Inflation Reduction Act gives us the chance to solve these real problems. President Biden deserves great credit for delivering this victory to the American people, and we are encouraged that he will seize this opportunity to reshape our future for the better.

– Fred Krupp, President of Environmental Defense Fund

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