Online Thiobencarb Management Training Available Now

Mandatory recording of thiobencarb management training is available 24/7 with access to video throughout the season of use. Viewing the video is the only option to receive the certificate of completion. Taking the exam is optional, which is why two links are available: 1) Select “Certificate only” if you would prefer to watch the video without an exam and receive a certificate of completion, or 2) choose the other link to view the video, take the exam and receive a certificate of completion.

New for 2022:

  1. No live video
  2. The video is pre-recorded for viewing in one go or in five modules
  3. Closed captions have been added to the prerecorded video
  4. Videos link to FarmProgress CEU site
  5. The optional exam is shorter as is the total CEU credit available – 1.0 hour from 1.5 hour
  6. Anyone who took the course in the last year can use the same login details
  7. Certificates of completion are provided per individual spectator

Links to mandatory thiobencarb management training:

For any questions or for more information, please contact Roberta Firoved, CRC Director of Industrial Affairs at [email protected] or (916) 206-5039.

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