Morris County Reintegration Programs to Feature at National Convention – Morris County, NJ

Posted on January 27, 2022

Community Connections and STAR to be Highlighted at National Sheriff’s Association Winter 2022 Conference

Two announced Morris County reintegration programs, both designed to help ex-offenders successfully reintegrate into the community, will be highlighted next month at the National Sheriff’s Association 2022 Winter Conference in Washington, DC, Morris County Sheriff James M. Gannon announced.

Leaders of Morris County Community Connections and the Morris County Sheriff’s Office’s STAR (Successful Transition and Reintegration) Program have been accepted to present information about their programs at the annual Sheriff’s event to be held from 5 to February 8 at the JW Marriott in the nation’s capital.

Chelsea Johnson & Justin Sudol.jpg National statistics show that within five years of being released from prison, nearly three-quarters of ex-offenders are rearrested. More than half return to prison after being convicted of a new crime or having violated the conditions of their release. Risk factors that perpetuate recidivism include homelessness, lack of education, unemployment, mental illness and substance abuse.

The STAR program is a branch of the Morris County Temporary Assistance Office, which provides the Morris County Correctional Facility with a case manager to connect individuals to important services during and after incarceration that help them avoid risk factors that lead to recurrence. The STAR program also follows a client for one year after release from incarceration to provide ongoing assistance while the individual reintegrates into our community.

Community Connections was launched on June 16, 2021 through the STAR program, the Morris County Attorney’s Office and the Morris County Superior Court toCommunity Connections Flyer.jpg create a model to further support those involved in the courts to obtain life-changing services. This new program identifies and connects individuals to a range of services, including recovery support, mental health services and social services.

The Mental Health Association (MHA) and Prevention is Key’s Center for Addiction, Recovery, Education & Success (CARES) are essential partners in providing vital resources to those involved in rehabilitation.


Center left: Chelsea Johnson of CARES and Community Connections Officer Justin Sudol at the Morris County Courthouse.

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