Legislative committee votes to reverse school masking statewide and leave decision to locals – Conduit Street

Today, the Joint Administrative, Executive and Legislative Review (AELR) Committee of the General Assembly approved emergency regulations to return masking policies for public schools to local decision-making.

At the AELR committee’s Feb. 25 virtual hearing, members approved the State Board of Education’s emergency regulations to defer school masking policies to local boards of education instead of a policy to statewide. The State Board of Education approved emergency regulations to do so earlier this week on February 22.

The committee hearing began with comments from State Superintendent Mohammed Choudhury and State Council Speaker Clarance Crawford. Choudhury noted that he came before the committee to end the settlement because he “did the right thing” and “the terms were right.” The deliberation and final vote came after a period of public testimony.

Now, county officials will be able to decide the most appropriate masking policies for schools based on local COVID-19 precautions and considerations and local sentiment.

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