HR reminds employees of available leave options

The University of Oregon is offering paid time off for employees who may face unplanned absences due to COVID-19. All employees can use UO COVID-19 leave for paid time off when they or a dependent living in their home must quarantine or self-isolate due to a positive test or exposure to COVID-19.

The leave applies to faculty members, administrative officers, classified employees, graduate employees and student employees. Full-time employees will receive 80 hours of COVID-19 leave, and part-time employees will receive enough pro-rated additional leave to cover two weeks of work. This UO leave option was made available last September and expires June 30, 2022. Details of the UO COVID-19 leave program are outlined on the HR website.

UO COVID-19 leave is in addition to other leaves employees may have under existing collective agreements and university policies. the HR website provides an overview of all available leave options for each employee group. Contact the benefits office at [email protected] if you have questions about your leave options or need assistance.

The Office of Human Resources also offers a variety of employee wellness resources and quick links to employee support and assistance resources especially useful as the university continues to operate during COVID-19.

Employees eligible for benefits can obtain confidential one-on-one advice and personalized assistance via Canopy, the university’s employee assistance program provider. The program is available to help people navigate and manage COVID-19 and other life stressors when they arise.

Additionally, Canopy can help locate various resources that may be helpful at this time, including child care and mental health service providers. To contact a Canopy representative, call 800-433-2320, text 503-850-7721, or email [email protected]

Learn more about Canopy and explore additional resources on the members site at sofawell.comand visit the Canopy YouTube channel for a library of wellness videos that help manage stress and maintain mental well-being during difficult times.

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