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Leading national and regional news organizations regularly interview Hamilton faculty, staff and students for their expertise and perspectives on current events, and to present programs and activities on campus. Highlights from the October coverage were compiled by the Media Relations Office. Links are provided, but some may require subscriptions to access content. Please contact Senior Manager, Media Relations Vige Barrie if you cannot open the link and do not have a subscription.

What happens if we cross the debt ceiling? – Marlet, October 4
Economics professor Ann Owen answered the question.

The Wellin Museum of Art presents Sarah Oppenheimer: Sensitive Machine – Hyperallergic, October 6

The Wellin Museum of Art presents the exhibition ‘Sarah Oppenheimer: Sensitive Machine’Daily Art, October 8

Labor shortage: why is it happening and what will be the impact? – NBC TV subsidiaries in the United States, October 8-14
Assistant professor of economics Pritha Chaudhuri described some of the causes.

Admissions Workers vote to unionize Inside higher education, October 13

How one college improved mental health services to reach 30% more students – University Business, October 13
Director of Counseling Services David Walden explained the many additional services offered by the Johnson Center for Health and Wellness in recent years.

Coastal Conversations Radio Program: Ocean Acidification, How Can States and Local Communities Respond? – WERU Community Radio (East Orland, Me.), October 22
Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies Aaron Strong shared his research on the topic.

Rethinking carbon neutrality in higher education Inside higher education, October 27
Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies Aaron Strong is a co-author of this essay.

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