Governor Hochul Announces Opening of Albany Skyway Connecting Downtown Albany to the Hudson River Waterfront

Downtown Revitalization Initiative

Named a downtown revitalization initiative (DRI) A Round 3 winner in 2018, the City of Albany is focused on revitalizing Clinton Square to create a welcoming gateway to the capital. This compact and pedestrian zone, rich in historical, artistic and cultural heritage, is the place of convergence of five investment zones of the city. The city plans to directly revitalize Clinton Square while providing infill investments, corridor improvements, and targeted housing revitalization projects. With DRI investments, residents, visitors and the workforce will benefit from new connections to the Hudson River. Clinton Square is poised to be a thriving gateway district and distinctive hub that connects and catalyzes activity in the downtown and warehouse district, and draws that momentum to the Arbor Hill and Sheridan neighborhoods. Hollow through public infrastructure improvements, private project development, and vibrant arts and entertainment investments.

New York Department of Transportation Commissioner Marie Therese Dominguez said: “The Department of Transportation is proud to help lead the transformation of the Albany Skyway and Livingston Avenue Rail Bridge, which will provide new recreational opportunities for those who live, work and visit the Capital Region. The Skyway’s new park-like urban setting shows how underutilized infrastructure can be upgraded and used to benefit all communities and reconnect our neighborhoods with their natural environments, while the new rail bridge will help connect two cities from both sides of the Hudson River.These projects exemplify the vision of renewal that Governor Hochul has made the mark of his administration and the Department of Transportation is honored to lead these efforts. »

New York Secretary of State Robert J. Rodriguez said: « Downtown revitalization initiative reconnects New York’s neighborhoods city ​​centers to their valuable waterfronts throughout the state, creating vast new opportunities for recreation, tourism and economic development. The $1.9 million DRI The investment in the Skyway project will pay dividends again and again by improving access to the waterfront, creating essential public gathering spaces and mobilizing many other public and private investments in the booming city center of ‘Albany.

State Senator Neil Breslin mentioned, “I’m thrilled to see the Albany Skyway project complete. This new pedestrian route will help revitalize downtown Albany’s economy, while strengthening people’s connection to both the Hudson River and the Empire Trail. System.”

Member of the Assembly Patricia fahy mentioned, “The Albany Skyway is another exciting development that helps revitalize downtown Albany while reconnecting it to our greatest natural asset, the Hudson River waterfront. The Skyway will become the first elevated linear park in the Capital Region and seamlessly connect to the recently completed multi-use Empire State Trail, exemplifying a new wave of purposeful, transformative investment in the economic and regional potential of historic downtown Albany. that we seek to leverage this work to reinvent over I-787 to recover and re-access Albany’s riverfront, the Skyway will help invigorate our local economy and adjacent neighborhoods. Thanks to Mayor Sheehan, Albany City Council and Governor Hochul for their work in the realization of this project.

Member of the Assembly John T. McDonald III, RPh mentioned, “It’s an exciting day to enjoy the opening of the Albany Skyway. Connecting the city of Albany to the Corning Riverfront and providing access is a long overdue project. Thank you Governor Hochulthe Mayor of the City of Albany, Kathy Sheehan, and all of my state and local partners who have come together to make this project a reality.”

Albany County Executive Daniel P. McCoy said: “When people decide where they want to live and work, they look for unique features and fresh ideas like the new Albany Skyway that go beyond basic amenities. This elevated park not only connects downtown Albany to riverside and exciting recreational opportunities., but it stands on its own as a space for people to gather and enjoy the outdoors. Nothing great can be achieved without a partnership, and I want to thank the governor Hochul and Mayor Sheehan for their vision for this project which will help fuel the continued revitalization of this neighborhood and attract more private investment in the future. »

Albany Mayor Kathy Sheehan said: “The Albany Skyway provides one of the most underserved census tracts in our region with revitalized parkland, new economic opportunities, and a welcoming gateway between the Hudson River waterfront, Clinton Square, Arbor Hill, and Sheridan. Hollow. Thank you to everyone who helped champion this project, including Governor Hochul, NYS Commissioner of the Ministry of Transport Dominguez, NYS Vice-president of the Senate pro tempore Breslin, Member of the Assembly fahy, Member of the Assembly Mcdonalds, and Member of the board Love, along with the adjacent neighborhoods and business community – helping to create one of our city’s most transformative projects in decades.”

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