Governor Ducey proposes major funding for water

EDF statement from Kevin Moran, Senior Director, Colorado River Program

January 10, 2022

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(PHOENIX, AZ – January 10, 2022) In his State of the State address today, Governor Doug Ducey proposed to make a historic $ 1 billion investment in water infrastructure. In response, the Environmental Defense Fund issued the following statement:

“We applaud the governor and legislative leaders for putting Arizona’s water needs high on the state’s agenda. It is essential that new water finance be structured in a way that helps the state adapt to new water realities: drought supercharged by climate change is reducing supplies to the Colorado River and contributing to a groundwater crisis in several rural Arizona communities. We cannot pour enough concrete to overcome the water challenges we face, and focusing primarily on building long pipelines will not provide the water security we need.

“We need to take a bold, holistic approach to securing Arizona’s water future, starting with our definitions of infrastructure and water augmentation. Infrastructure must include the natural systems – watersheds, forests, rivers and streams, wetlands and underground aquifers – that produce and purify the water we need. In addition to desalination, the augmentation must include projects that treat and reuse wastewater, replenish local groundwater, and capture and recharge stormwater for the benefit of communities and ecosystems. State lawmakers must empower rural Arizona communities to begin managing and conserving groundwater and strengthening the programs and standards of our actively managed areas. And finally, this holistic approach to updating water management and policies requires unprecedented collaboration and the involvement of tribes and other communities that have long been neglected in water decision making. .

  • Kevin Moran, Senior Director, Colorado River Program, Environmental Defense Fund

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