Governor DeWine invests $ 23 million for road safety


COLUMBUS – Ohio Governor Mike DeWine announced today that $ 23 million has been allocated to support local and national initiatives to improve road safety and reduce traffic-related deaths.

In total, more than 170 grants have been awarded to 132 local agencies in 66 counties and 10 agencies for statewide programming. The grants are administered by the Ohio Highway Safety Authority, which is a division of the Ohio Department of Public Safety.

“The programs supported by these grants do such an important job of promoting safety on our roads,” Governor DeWine said. “By providing this grant each year, the Ohio Traffic Safety Office can help ensure that the message surrounding the dangers of distracted and impaired driving continues to be reinforced.”

“By providing this funding directly to our local road safety partners, they have the opportunity to use the funds in the way that best meets the individual needs of their communities,” said Felice Moretti, Director of OTSO. “This funding will improve their existing work, so it has more impact and saves more lives.

Programs that have received road safety grants include:

  • Statewide programming ($ 14,570,331.90)– 29 grants were awarded to agencies to conduct statewide education, enforcement and awareness initiatives to address priority areas related to road safety.
  • Impaired Driving and Selective Traffic Enforcement Program($ 4,705,833.61) – 88 grants were awarded to 56 sheriff’s offices and 32 police departments for overtime used to impact fatal traffic accidents involving driving while impaired by alcohol or drugs, l seat belt use, speed, aggressive riding, motorcycles and failure to yield.
  • County-wide OVI Task Forces ($ 2,249,931.66)– 10 grants were awarded to agencies to carry out high-visibility county-wide law enforcement, public awareness and impaired driving initiatives.
  • Safe Community Programs ($ 2,102,484.18)– 44 county-wide grants were awarded to communities to address road safety issues involving driving while impaired by alcohol or drugs, seat belt use, distracted driving, youth driving and motorcycles. The Ohio Safe Communities Network uses local coalitions to deliver road safety messages and programs throughout the year at the local level.

Grant funds go to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s OTSO to support local and national focus on priority areas of road safety including impaired driving, seat belt use, distracted driving, youth driving and motorcycle safety.

Competitive grant proposals are accepted and reviewed by the OTSO. The competitive FFY 2022 grant process solicited grant proposals from state agencies, nonprofits, colleges, universities, hospitals, political subdivisions, and other interested groups in certain Ohio counties and jurisdictions based on number of fatal accidents.

For a complete list of agencies receiving grants and amounts, please visit

Governor DeWine is a strong supporter of road safety programs. Since taking office in 2019, Governor DeWine has launched several driver safety initiatives, including the creation of the Intersection Safety Program to improve the safety of 150 rural, urban and suburban intersections across the state; the development of the “Ohio – Ready, Test, Drive!” program to help improve the skills of new drivers; and the creation of multiple distracted driving lanes to reduce distracted driving in Ohio. He also established the Ohio Traffic Safety Council within the Ohio Department of Public Safety, strengthened law enforcement in highway work zones by the Ohio State Highway Patrol Aviation Unit, and awarded grants to several local courts to provide young drivers with better access to an advanced driver. coaching.

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