Google ignores a lot of Edu links because they are more spammy



John Mueller of Google said that Google ignores a lot of links on EDU TLDs because they are more often targets of link spam. Google has stated that there is a misconception that EDU links are more valuable hence why they are more of a spam target and hence why Google ignores more spam links here than elsewhere.

John said this on Twitter “Due to the misconception that .edu links are more valuable, these sites get a little bit of link spam, and because of that, we ignore a ton of links on these sites. Ideally, they just shouldn’t. not follow all of these links instead of having to ignore them. ”

Now in the good old days – probably before 2008 or so. Each SEO would pay more for links on EDU domain names. Only universities and accredited institutions were able to get their hands on EDU TLDs, so they felt more valuable. But they were really no more valuable according to Google.

But because of how much student pages have been spammed and manipulated over the years, maybe Google is ignoring more percentage links, on EDU TLDs than on other TLDs?

So don’t go ahead and think EDU links have more value – it’s not that simple.

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