Code42 adds new insider threat detectors for government security teams

Code42 announced that FedRAMP Authorized Code42 Incydr Gov solution added new data exfiltration detectors for cloud and messaging systems.

In addition to detecting data exfiltration from endpoints, security teams can now detect, investigate and respond to risky insider activity, including monitoring unauthorized file movements, spills and sharing from and within cloud and messaging systems.

New data exfiltration detectors give security teams full visibility when files are shared, uploaded, or emailed to untrusted destinations on OneDrive, Google Drive, Box, Office 365, and Gmail, than these events from internal risk occur on a computer, in the cloud or by e-mail.

With the growing adoption of the cloud and the use of collaboration tools across federal agencies, there are exponentially more ways for insiders to exfiltrate data. Additionally, many federal agency insider risk programs are built around traditional tools such as data loss prevention (DLP) products that were not designed to handle the modern reality of ultra data. – Laptops and widespread collaboration and file sharing in the cloud. With research showing that, on average, every employee commits 13 data exposure events every day, federal organizations need clearer visibility into the data spill and a prioritization of the riskiest file events occurring both on and off their networks.

“Our research shows that nearly three-quarters (71%) of security teams don’t have full visibility into the movement of sensitive data, according to IT security executives,” said Jason Greenwood, vice president of Code42 , federal. “Our new data exfiltration detectors help federal agencies execute Zero Trust data security strategies, provide critical visibility into data that is poorly managed or shared from agency systems, and further protect some of the information.” the most sensitive in the country against insider risks. ”

Mitigate data exfiltration in federal cloud and messaging systems

With cloud-based data exfiltration detectors and email now available for purchase with Incydr Gov, federal agency security teams can now see when attachments from federal email systems are being sent to recipients untrusted, files are shared to untrusted locations and links are shared too widely from federal cloud storage systems. Incydr Gov’s new capabilities further protect federal agencies against insider risks by enabling security teams to:

  • Use zero-trust data security policies
  • Gain visibility into exfiltration and file dumping
  • Detect when files are shared with untrusted users without installing or managing a proxy
  • Avoid alert fatigue resulting from false positive insider risk notifications
  • Eliminate manual investigation time
  • Trigger response checks quickly with rapid and accurate detection of unauthorized activity


New data exfiltration detectors for cloud and messaging systems are currently available to new and existing Incydr Gov customers as part of the Code42 Incydr Gov product on the FedRAMP marketplace.

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