Care Room Attendants, Next COVID Safety Steps

We learned from CPS that 80% of all of our schools have chosen to maintain their attendant care, which is provided centrally by the district through an external provider. These positions were established by CTU and SEIU in our safety agreements to ensure that there were dedicated personnel, beyond existing positions, available to assist sick children while they wait for a parent or guardian pick them up. For schools that have not elected to retain these positions, principals should designate an area and staff support to assist students who develop Covid symptoms during the day.

There are currently 10 times more children hospitalized with RSV than the average for this time of year. The city has just raised the Covid threat level to medium and the combination of respiratory viruses, influenza and new strains of Covid poses a dangerous combination of risks for students and staff during the holiday season. Due to the respiratory nature of the diseases, school facilities, air quality and the general environment in the building are of vital importance.

Use the tools we have developed under our security agreements with CPS to protect your members, students and school communities.

If you are having difficulty with weekly Covid testing or other issues you are facing, please complete the Testing Difficulty and Issues Reporting Form to notify CPS and CTU of any issues or concerns. To report incidents that a school safety committee has attempted to resolve with their administration without success, use our form for district-level COVID safety concerns. Please only report incidents that have already been reported to your administration for at least 24 hours and preferably 48 hours (if the urgency of the situation allows it).

The CTU Safety page also has a wealth of information and links to useful toolkits and forms. Check it out at

Only 3% of three- to four-year-olds in CPS have fully benefited from access to the vaccine – half the already very low citywide rate among children that age. Please remind students, families and colleagues that there is an abundance of vaccines available throughout the city. People can get initial injections and boosters by using the district portal to schedule an appointment. Walk-ins are also available. Check out the options here.

In solidarity,

CTU Safety Committee

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