Can people know when they are blocked on Instagram, Messenger, Twitter

On other platforms, the sender may never know they’ve been blocked, although they may catch when you never reply to their messages. This could be an advantage with a casual acquaintance, like the person you met at a potluck who keeps sending you news articles you’ve seen before. You prefer not to read them, but you want to avoid hurting the feelings of the sender.

Whether you want to block someone stealthily or overtly, you need to know what’s happening on each platform or service. If you block someone, what does it look like to the sender?

I spent a week blocking and unblocking my colleagues at Consumer Reports, and asking them to block me, to better understand how the feature worked on seven different platforms. I think they unlocked me after testing, but for some apps I can’t be sure. Down below, we’ll look at each of them. But first, here are two caveats.

First of all, sometimes it’s better to mute than to block. This will prevent you from receiving notifications when the other person sends a message, and some apps will put their messages in a separate folder or tab within the app.

But you’ll still be able to read their messages if you want, so you can catch up on your sister’s food pics before you phone her, even if you don’t want to see them every day. From a security perspective, it may also be better to mute someone rather than block them if they send harassing messages. This will give you proof of the harassment in case things get out of hand.

Second, you may need to disable read receipts. Indeed, if you have activated it, the person you have blocked could quickly notice that you have not read any of their messages. It might alert them. We will describe how to check or change this setting for each application.

We’ve divided the apps we cover into two major groups.

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